Insurance Specialists
We work closely with insurance companies to ensure that the scope of work for any damage is agreed upon by homeowner and insurance company. We use insurance approved estimating software, Xactimate © with today’s pricing to make sure that we are compatible with the insurance industry pricing.

Emergency Board-Ups
Our skilled emergency response teams are available at a moments notice.
The insurance companies prefer to have any structure that has been damaged to be secured through boarding up windows, doors, outside walls that may have been damaged. They do not want anymore damage to occur and to have any vandalism if the structure is not habitable.

Fire Damage
Fire and smoke damage is very serious. These areas need to be assessed properly so that all the damage is removed and replaced. Fire damage can come in many forms. There can be severe structural damage where in some cases the whole structure needs to be taken down to the ground or in some cases the fire damage can be contained to certain areas of the structure. No matter how large or small the damage, we specialize in the re-construction.

Smoke Damage
Smoke damage is not only visible on the surface, but behind the walls and inside the ductwork as well. If the smoke damage is not removed properly you may find that odor on hot humid days when you least expect it. That is why we take every precaution to eliminate the smoke odor, 100% guaranteed.

Water Damage
For many property owners, their insurance policies stipulate that it is the owner's responsibility to mitigate damage to prevent further loss. These water damages can happen in many forms, leaking roofs, frozen or broken plumbing pipes, or even sewage back-ups. We have the personnel to correct these leaky roofs or broken pipes, with complete construction start to finish. Unfortunatly, If these problems go unattended it will develop into a more serious problem. Water and moisture can turn into mold that can grow if not treated. We have skilled teams to facilitate the extraction process of the water, or moisture problem and provide complete mold remediation if that occurs.

Wind Damage
When a wind storm occurs or the ground becomes to wet after consecutive days of rain, trees begin to fall and sometimes they fall onto and into your home. Our skilled emergency response team is available for this. We will temporarily shore up, brace and tarp the home to prevent any further damage. We then assess the damage and facilitate a re-construction plan.

Content Cleaning
Through the various disasters, contents in the home can be damaged. We offer full service restoration of electronics, furniture, clothing, artwork, and any sentimental items. Unfortunately, in some cases these items may not be salvageable. In this case, the insurance companies require an inventory list of “total loss items”. This list is generated by going through each and every item in the home. We then put these items on a spreadsheet and submit it to the insurance company for re-imbursement.



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